Why Accounting X?

Our CFOs Build Stronger Nonprofits

We understand the causes that drive you, the financial challenges that test you, and the solutions that will propel you forward.

How? Because I would leave the non-profits only part off because it limits you. Even though that is what area you are targeting if something incredibly awesome came up you don’t want to turn anyone away. Also, might upset existing well paying Clients. We speak grant funds, donation processing, FASB requirements, and more – and we have more than a decade of success stories to back it up.

What Makes AccountingX Different?

Our CFO’s nonprofit knowledge doesn’t just come from research and reading up on industry standards – it comes from experience working with medical groups, youth organizations, chambers of commerce, and everything in between.

A Tailored Approach

While we specialize in accounting services for nonprofits, we understand this niche still involves a great deal of variety.

Our clients appreciate that we are customer-centric and ready to adapt to meet the needs of their specific mission and evolving circumstances.

We go beyond day-to-day operations by partnering with you to:

Implement the latest technologies

Support you in creating your goals

Decrease your tax exposure

Make sense of your financial data

Provide a steady flow of expert financial advice

What Our CFOs Do

AccountingX offers virtual financial and advisory services to nonprofits.
This includes:

  • Nonprofit accounting
  • Nonprofit bookkeeping
  • Nonprofit financial planning
  • Nonprofit controller services
  • Financial health check services

We act as a member of your internal team, learning the ins and outs of your organization, what it stands for, who it includes, and your clearest path towards success. 

Then, we help you track, budget, and plan to get there – all while remaining compliant with FASB and US-GAAP standards.

Nonprofit Accounting Services

Examples of nonprofit accounting services we offer include: 

Audit-ready financial reports

CFO or accounting support

Required financial statements

Donation and invoice processing and reporting

Grant-eligible expense classification

Accounting software implementation and training

Tax management and preparation

Data entry

Cash flow management

Audit Support

Nonprofits of all sizes must undergo an annual financial statement audit, which can require months of detailed and tedious preparation. Our CFOs will help you:

Assemble and organize bank statements, balance sheets, ledgers, and all necessary documentation

Reconcile your bank accounts

Examine accounts receivable and accounts payable

Ensure totals are classified and calculated correctly

Manage and record any audit adjustments

We Understand Your Pain Points

Nonprofits face unique challenges in their operations that aren’t found in the for-profit accounting world.

Why Should I Hire AccountingX’s Nonprofit CFOs?

Much like our own health, nonprofit finances need regular check-ups and consistent maintenance to keep your organization on track. This takes time, attention to detail, and expertise that often can’t be found in house.

You see a doctor when you’re sick. You call a plumber to manage leaky pipes. Hiring an accounting and bookkeeping expert to manage your finances is no different.

We keep the following barriers to success top of mind in our financial advisory:

The need to secure adequate and consistent funding

Limited financial and technical resources

Navigating a board of directors

Complex legal and regulatory requirements

Evolving social, economic, and political environments

Our CFOs Build Stronger Nonprofits

Partnering with our CFOs can help you:

Save money by maximizing cash flow

Ensure proper organization and financial processes

Make better decisions that lead to long-term growth

Maintain accurate, audit-ready records

Adopt Financial Peace of Mind Today

If it feels like your financial processes are all over the place, it’s time to call in a professional.

We can help you fix your finances once and for all.

Schedule your consultation today!

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