What we do

We Know Business

Your business is run with passion, vision, and a keen eye toward growth. Proper management of your financials is essential to your credibility with each of your financial institutions and professional or investment partners. Integrating our solutions with your business provides you with the financial management credibility those professionals require.

We take a look at the overall health and success of your business and give you the tools that you need to grow while we focus on your accounting and financials for you. We know what it takes from every angle of accountancy to streamline all your processes and keep you up to date and current on all your numbers. What we offer is unlike any other accounting firm in the Los Angeles area and throughout the US. From bookkeeping, virtual accounting, controller services, and business coaching you’re in great hands with AccountingX.

We Know How to Help You Grow

Business is good, but your financial management resources and related costs could be better focused on efforts to expand your business. We work with your existing accounting and bookkeeping infrastructure, having a look at all aspects of the applications you are using to the daily entries that are being made, delivering cost savings and a lean financial management operation.

When you first start a business you begin utilizing anything that will help but then over time the different applications you started with can become more of a hindrance than a help. Looking at what is working and what is not, what applications are being used to their fullest potential and which ones you’re paying for but not really using due to the adoption of the software never really being implemented by your team. These are just a few areas we looked at when we take you on as a client.