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CFO Services for Nonprofit Organizations

At AccountingX, we are committed to helping you attain financial success for your nonprofit. Our trained CFOs understand the challenges faced by professionals within the industry.

AccountingX provides you with industry-specific CFO expertise and delivers the ideas, tools, and resources you need to maintain a thriving organization.

Who We Work With

We specialize in accounting for all types of nonprofit organizations, including:

Recovery groups

Disability groups


Youth Organizations

Performing Arts Groups

Chambers of Commerce

And more

Financial Help So You Can Focus on What Matters Most

AccountingX provides robust and efficient nonprofit CFO solutions that allow you to focus on what’s most important: your organization.

With over a decade of experience in the accounting industry, we are very familiar with your everyday operations, structure, billing routines, and staffing requirements. We provide a breakdown of complex data and insightful feedback in practical terms to help you make better business decisions.

Through proper planning and analysis, together we will pinpoint your exact needs and create a service package that will keep you on track toward a more thriving organization.

Analyze Key
Financial Ratios

With the next generation of nonprofit leaders and the industry digitizing and transforming service delivery, proper financial management will be vital for the foreseeable future.

All nonprofits organizations should be monitoring their:

  • Cash flow coverage ratio
  • Debt-to-capitalization ratio
  • Operating margin

Make Data-Backed
Business Decisions

Always know where your numbers are so you can make better decisions for your donors and organization. A few advantages of using the right accounting firm for your nonprofit include:

  • The ability to acquire new technology and upgrade current equipment
  • Making use of a wider range of different finance techniques
  • Assuming minimal risk for projects, like paying for outcomes or leasing techniques

Outsourced Accounting for Specialty Medical Groups

While our experience spans all types of nonprofit organizations, we offer unique CFO expertise in the following specialties:

Accounting for Recovery Centers

Recovery centers play a critical role in helping people achieve and maintain healthier, more fruitful lives. With the multidisciplinary care and specialty knowledge of these centers, they require some complex finances and time-intensive reporting tasks that take time away from impactful patient care.

We understand the financial nuances recovery centers need to be aware of, which makes us a great partner for outsourcing your accounting responsibilities. Get outside help to:

  • Predict expected revenue in a demand-based field
  • Budget for major expenses like implementing technologies such as telehealth
  • Maximize your budget without relying on unpredictable grants
  • Position your recovery center for scalable and sustainable success

Accounting for Disability Organizations

Disability groups are crucial for increasing visibility, accessibility and equity so people with disabilities can more easily fulfill social and professional roles more easily. Time-consuming complexities with accounting and reporting requirements shouldn’t have to pull your team away from the work that matters most.

Having worked across all medical specialties, our team is well-versed in the unique challenges faced by disability organizations.

We provide financial peace of mind by helping disability organizations:

  • Track qualified disability expenses
  • Work with tax-advantaged ABLE accounts
  • Budget for accessible software and accommodations
  • Meet reporting requirements for grant funding

Accounting for Veterans

After protecting and upholding the freedom of our country, the last thing Veterans should have to worry about is money. Yet adjusting to post-deployment life often presents Veterans with financial challenges that can lead to homelessness, debt, and nonexistent emergency funds.

AccountingX works with Veterans’ organizations to help those who have served our country and their families de-escalate financial stress and more easily adjust back into society. We can help:

  • Reconcile mounting bank fees from account noncompliance due to frequent relocations or deployment
  • Provide financial advisory by managing products like mortgages, credit cards, and other loans
  • Develop strategies to efficiently reduce debt
  • Manage and prepare taxes to help get the most of tax returns

Adopt Financial Peace of Mind Today

If it feels like your financial processes are all over the place, it’s time to call in a professional.

We can help you fix your finances once and for all.

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