Los Angeles Controller Services: The Virtual Controller

Medium and Small-sized businesses that are currently not in a position to hire an in-house Controller are often the businesses that would benefit the most from the expertise of AccountingX Los Angeles Controller services. Growing companies often reach a point when they need professional financial advice, but can’t afford a full-time Accountant, or Controller.

At AccountingX we can take complete control of the financial side of your business, or function as your part-time/virtual Controller; with the option of managing your existing accounting or bookkeeping staff. Every business has different needs, with the flexibility of a virtual Controller you can use all or just some of the functions we offer from our Controller services.


Outsourcing your Controller services, to us, can be a cost-effective solution when a full-time employee is not justified. When Outsourcing to our Los Angeles Controller services you can reduce, and control your operating costs, allow you to gain the expertise of a Controllers additional capabilities, and allow you to focus on growing your business.

With our seasoned professionals that have the expertise, education, experience and qualifications to be your part-time or full-time virtual Controller.


A Virtual Controller provides management valued financial insight, advice and financial reports customized to provide the financial data critical to business decision making. Freeing up the business owners so they can focus their attention on businesses growth and achieve operational objectives.

The role of a virtual Controller extends beyond the accounting functions of management and documentation of bank transactions, loans, credit card statements, liability and asset accounts, to encompass responses to regulatory notices and deadlines, trend analysis, periodic reviews of accounting files and records and services that are off-site and on-site.

The greatest advantage of hiring a virtual Controller is that the business only pays for the services received avoiding the costs of a full-time salary, paid holidays, and additional benefits like 401K, Medical, Dental.


Our Los Angeles Controller services approach is to provide a thorough assessment permitting you, and your business to consider an overview of alternatives to manage and enhance the performance of your company.

In summary, we identify opportunities, work with you and your company, and empower you to take advantage of business opportunities and growth.

For a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member, a medium to small business can have the Controller function filled by an experienced accounting professional. For more information on how AccountingX can enhance your finance operations contact us today for a free consultation.