Los Angeles Business Coach: Don’t Become Another Statistic

Deciding to hire a business coach is not always a simple decision.  It requires a much higher level of trust than hiring for other types of services and transparency that can at times be uncomfortable for many businesses.

Understandably so, but regardless of your business experience level, the benefits of hiring the right Los Angeles business coach will outweigh any downsides.  If a company is struggling to develop and grow or going backward, an investment in a business coach is exactly what is needed to turn the company around.

“According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.”  Don’t become another Statistic!

So hiring a Los Angeles business coach has a multitude of benefits but the 5 most noteworthy are below.


When working every day within a business knowledge and understanding of the business is inevitable, making it difficult to maintain a certain degree of objectivity.

Being in business is about the bottom line, only the aspects of the business that help contribute to this in a positive way should always be made the priority and overall focus.  A business coach brings that level of objectivity that can be difficult for business owners and their managers to facilitate and help bring the focus back to what those priorities should be.


An aspect of a business that suffers is the proper setup of systems and structure that help a company run efficiently and smoothly.  It takes time to put these in place and watch them become a routine part of the businesses day-to-day running.  For just this reason, many businesses don’t take the time setting them up properly.  A Los Angeles business coach can help with the development and implementation of such systems and structures.


All businesses must have a strategy to be successful.  It is very difficult in today’s world to be successful without a strategy outlining objectives, goals and action steps.  There is no need for this to be a complicated or a large document.  In fact, many successful companies restrict their strategy plan to one page. But it must be done as there is no way of accomplishing anything if you don’t truly know what you actually want to accomplish.


Business coaches work with individuals or teams to help develop their skills.  Mentoring assists with business and personal development.  It can also be utilized in specialty areas if needed such as financial management, marketing, operations, or human resources. The benefits to companies from mentoring can be significant.  As team members develop their skills, results will improve the overall performance of the team.


Once the company has been analyzed, systems put in place, planning has been implemented and mentoring has begun, it’s time for review and improvement.  It is vital that changes are made when required to guarantee the business moves towards its goals. Changes to staff, software, equipment and other resources may also be necessary.

It is during this time that the business coach offers a certain degree of objectivity and provides a clear level of accountability to keep the company on track.

Hiring a Los Angeles business coach is the best step a company can take, especially if it is currently struggling to reach its goals or make progress.  A business coach will help to improve performance and profitability, which is a good outcome for any company.

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