How to get started with Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a set of measurements that a company uses to compare their performance to their business objectives. KPIs should be a key part of your company’s financial analysis because they help determine whether business operations are performing in a way that will lead to sustainable profits. The most important reason to use KPIs is that by measuring the progress your company has made toward their goals, your company is more likely to achieve those goals. KPIs also have additional advantages. One major benefit is that they encourage accountability. Employees have more incentive to perform at their optimal capacity if they know there will be quantifiable indicators of performance that companies can point to during employee reviews. Moreover, by providing employees with concrete goals, they can focus their energy more efficiently.

Key Performance Indicators are not only a crucial aspect to consider in your financial analysis, they are also essential to your company’s decision-making. Decisions are significantly easier to make when you have accurate data to guide the decision-making process. If you make decisions based on suspicions or assumptions, you might end up making bad decisions that hurt the company’s profits.

The KPIs should address both long-term and short-term goals. The indicators should be easily understood by management and employees. You want everyone to be able to look at the measurements and understand what they mean for corporate objectives. Some examples of common performance indicators include net profit, gross profit, profit margins, savings ratio, and, employee turnover. It is important to note that not every company will use or should use the same KPIs. It all depends on what a company’s priorities are.

The first step in setting up Key Performance Indicators is figuring out your priorities. For KPIs to succeed, they need to be linked to a tangible strategy. In your financial analysis, you want to think about your long-term business plans. You also want to consider the performance of your company compared to the performance of other similar companies. This can give you an idea about what changes you can implement to increase productivity. The most important aspect of designing KPIs is to consider the employees. KPIs should exist to give direction and confidence to employees. You want them to have pertinent information so they know what areas they need to improve in.

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