The ABCs Of Business: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Controllership

Starting your business day dealing with many different accounting issues from payroll to accounts payable. You can get overwhelmed when you have too many other things to do to be worried about like generating revenue,  hiring an accounting firm that will faithfully perform all three of the ABCs of accounting for you can not only free up your time.

Making sure that you know where you stand month after month so you and your team can make successful business decisions along the way. Finding an accounting partner that can provide you with all three services, accounting, bookkeeping, and controllership will enable you to focus on growth while knowing your financials are in good hands.

Controllership is key it takes the largest decisions out of your hands, frees you up to do other things, and saves you quite a lot of time. Accounting and bookkeeping allow your business to operate well on a daily basis and provides all the reports you need to make vital decisions.


Accounting and bookkeeping deal with the day to day operations of your business. Bookkeeping ensures that all your accounts payable and receivable have been handled correctly. Payroll has been correctly done and will deal with little smaller time-consuming data entry into your accounting software.  Keeping your records secure, managing them properly, and reporting to you often in regards to your profit and loss statement, balance sheet and General Ledger.

Accounting is regularly referred to as the dialect of business it ensures that large amounts of data that shareholders, partners, and proprietors need to assess a business’ monetary situation is provided and help partners settle on important business decisions. Most importantly accountants ensure that all the partners understand the significance of the data while monitoring all the Key performance indicators (KPIs) that are in place.


Controllership is the final step in partnering with an accounting firm, They provide a variety of different functions for your business including detailed analytics, trend analysis, reviews, accounting software implementation and training, audit preparation, projections, forecasting, and budgeting. Along with overseeing the accounting and bookkeeping functions that are being implemented.

They will help your business decide on investments, and the controller of the business will have final say on all accounting matters. Paying someone in-house for this function can be costly, but hiring an accountant to handle it for you improves decision-making, increases your profits, and gives you an experienced voice in the boardroom.

Each step in this process keeps your business safe, saves you time, and keeps money in your pocket. You only need one partner to perform all three of the ABCs of accounting.

For more information on how you can hire an expert accounting firm for any or all 3 of these functions contact AccountingX today!