Nonprofit Controller & CFO Services

Get the Financial Leadership You Need – Without the Overhead.

Executive directors, founders, and other nonprofit leaders might not find “finances” in their job description, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for them.

Get the expert oversight and extra hands on deck you need for tasks ranging from administrative accounting to high-level forecasting.

Your Finances, More Organized Than Ever

Working with us is like working alongside an in-house CFO, but for less money. Get more than a decade’s worth of nonprofit finance expertise from a certified public accountant to manage all the little things you don’t have time for, including:




Audit preparation

Business tax management

Accounting software implementation and training

Financial reviews

Trend analysis

Detailed analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

A financial controller is responsible for managing all of the operations that come out of your accounting department. This includes:

  • Preparing required financial statements
  • Ensuring compliance with FASB and US GAAP regulations
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Helping your organization run as effectively and efficiently as possible

Nonprofit CFOs and controllers share similar duties but have different levels of responsibility. Controllers are responsible for managing everyday operations, while CFOs are responsible for the financial health of your entire organization.

If you don’t currently have someone responsible for oversight of all your accounting and financial reporting functions, you could benefit from outsourcing CFO or controller services.

While it’s always best to get these services set up correctly as early as possible, organizations should also consider the following when deciding the best time to hire:

  • The complexity of your sources of revenue
  • Upcoming growth, either geographically or within your mission
  • How many programs you have that require funding
  • If you’re considering partnerships or acquisitions

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Having a CFO or controller in place for your nonprofit allows you to set yourself up for financial success from the start. Standardize and optimize your organization’s finances with experienced help. Get in touch today!

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